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NOTE: THIS IS MOSTLY ME VENTING. I am a total fucking pervert Pansexual. I think about something sexual every day. If I see someone even remotely attractive or not even attractive but a nice body I think about fucking them. I was exposed to porn early because kids at school had older relatives and kids would steal it and show it to other people (pre internet, so magazines). This is why guys are perverted, because we saw tits and pussy before girls saw dicks im pretty sure. I also tried on my sisters panties when I was 14 and liked it and that became a big fetish of mine and progressed. I would imagine being dressed as a girl and going into the girls locker room. I would masturbate to gay porn like a faggot while wearing panties. I would try to look up girls skirts when they went up stairs. I would always jack off in the school bathrooms, the forest, anywhere there was some privacy. Seriously, its ridiculous how many pervy things I would do or think of doing. So i’m 27 now and am pretty turned on by everything and anything remotely sexual or not even. I’ve spent quite alot on toys, subscriptions, fetish clothing, womens clothing, etc. Idk what to do, should i just embrace this pervyness or try to stop, I keep finding new fetishes that i think i might like and get into or getting new ideas and I just find it fucking hot but time consuming. Also i have not done anything illegal and usually keep to myself, i’m not a scumbag just a sexual deviant, voyeur might be the only thing i’d consider was too much.

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  • Pal I’m right there with you. I encourage you to embrace it. I’m in panties looking for posts to jack to. I’m slowly getting my wife to sissyfy me. Cuck me is the dream

    Anonymous March 26, 2019 3:54 am Reply
    • Yes, cuck is so hot, I would love to have a gf that liked it. So we could hold hands and get fucked by a bunch of guys, and the humiliation when she moans in pleasure from huge dicks.

      Anonymous March 26, 2019 4:20 am Reply

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