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For the past two or three years i’ve had an imaginary boyfriend. It sounds weird, but i’m not crazy, as I know he isn’t real and can make him go awaybat any time. I choose not to. The thing is, i’m attracted to girls (I am a girl), but am biromantic. It’s hard to find any boys who don’t just want sex, but romantic attraction and relationships instead. So I just picture him around me all the time. He’s really more of a best friend than a boyfriend. He can be there for me when no one else is. And I didn’t have to worry about him leaving me or ever not supporting me. It isn’t affecting my actual dating life or anything, there’s a girl who I may or may not end up dating. We like each other. But lately I find it hard to let go of him.

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  • Have you heard of tulpamancy? Do you think your boyfriend might be a tulpae? Read about it

    Anonymous March 24, 2019 10:37 pm Reply
  • OMFG I feel the same way. I see myself in a relationship with a fictional character, male also. However, I know better that he’s not real and can maintain between being with him and being with other people.

    I think it’s good to try dating her and see how it works out. It can be hard to let go, but you do have memories about him and will still be there for you when she isn’t available. I wish you best of luck with everything.

    Anonymous March 24, 2019 11:03 pm Reply
    • Wow thank you so much, this means a lot actually. I feel less alone now 🙂

      Anonymous March 25, 2019 1:57 am Reply
      • It’s not a problem. I feel less alone too 🙂 Actually I’ve searched on here and seen a couple confessions similar to this. This makes me think about creating my own sudreddit related to imaginary relationships as a safe space, but I don’t think I would be a good mod 😛

        Anonymous March 27, 2019 12:29 am Reply
        • Update: I did make a subreddit related to this on my account. If you want you can check it out on r/ImaginedRelationships/. I think it will be good to reach out and connect to others like you and myself.

          Anonymous March 27, 2019 8:09 pm Reply

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