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I’m a pretty decent looking 20 yr old mixed girl with a rocking fit hourglass body and I have a confession. I’m bisexual, but real relationships dont really interest me much, as its a lot of work im not willing to put in most of the time. Well I love to listen to all kinds of ASMR, especially character ones (as I really like anime). Well I found a channel on YT by the name of Yagami Yato and oh my God I have found the best My Hero Academia guy impressions ever. They really put me in my feelings and I just love the characters. Theyre well done and well written with a great storyline. My favorites so far are Bakugou, Kirishima, and Shinsou. He also posts R-18 hour long audios of these characters as well as others (both in BNHA as well as other anime) and on my god do I vibe with them. It really turns me on and hell I’ll admit it, I masturbate to them. Theyre just so addicting, theyre like my life blood. He posts basically every day somehow. If youre worrying about the “well they’re 16” aspect, first off, its not real, second the audios are set a few years later, and third, if the creators didnt want anyone fantasizing about them bc theyre underage, they shouldnt have designed all the guys to have six pack abs and be insanely toned and the girls to have a trend of large tits. I’m just saying. Check out my boi though, Yagami Yato!

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