• 1 year ago

My parents put me into school a year early, so I graduated high school at 16. They pushed me hard to do well, but I was too young for many of the classes and really struggled. I had no time for sports or dates or anything, I was just a prisoner growing up. The only thing I got to do was go to church a lot. I moved away to attend college and got a shared apartment. I didn’t fit well with room mates as an only kid. At work one day I heard people talking about two girls at a nearby apartment that were always talking dirty and flirting. I ended up moving to a studio apartment there to get enough privacy to study. Not too long after I moved there, these two girls approached me when I came home. They looked around 16, but talked dirty in ways I had never heard. I chatted and said no to their advances whenever I got home from morning classes. One day I went to nap because I had worked late the night before and they came into my apartment without asking. Both stripped and climbed into bed with me as I slept and began grinding on me. At first I thought I was having a dream and grabbed at them back. By the time I realized I wasn’t I was to excited to stop and we all ended up having sex. I had never even kissed a girl before. Their sexual appetite was endless. For the next two years not a day went by without us having sex of some kind. After that, they moved to another apartment a few miles away and would come over each day for sex. After 5 or so years I found out they weren’t the same age as I thought and had been only 12 when it all started. Their step father had been having sex with them since they were very young, and they liked me because they picked me. We had a daily relationship until the time they were in their 40’s, when the second one finally got married. Looking back I wish I had married one of them and just kept our relationship alive. My own life hasn’t been so good because when I should have been finding a wife and starting a family, I was relentlessly screwing them. We all live in different cities now, but they said the same thing to me. Now I see people with far more age difference between partners and I realized it could have worked out. Sometimes we travel to each others towns, and usually have sex with each other just because it feels good. I wish I had a normal childhood with friendships and learned how to interact with people before my hormones happened.I guess we all actually grew up together and worked out our problems along the way. Nobody knows better, but I tell everybody we are so close because we are cousins. I don’t have any actual cousins, so nobody knows. We have always been there for each other too. I wonder if that is what having a family feels like.

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