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I tip very well at restaurants and bars, however..The best tips go to bartenders or servers with long or very long, polished nails. It’s my fetish, and wherever I go, if a woman has killer-long nails, she gets whatever she wants from me. One bartender girl who used to work at a local chain place I frequented somehow kept her teasingly-long, a good 3-inch nails perfect, polished, and sexy despite her lovely hands being in water and handling bar items all the time, made out like crazy with my tips. She’d do those nails jet-red for the holidays, and there wasn’t a limit to how much I’d over-tip her. That was also when her nails were more than 3″ long, and she got her boobs done, so, she was top to bottom sexy.

Last night, I went to another place for dinner and a few drafts, and the girl had long-enough, and aqua-blue polished nails, that she also, probably on purpose, tapped on the bar as we interacted and joked around. My eyes were glued to those nails, and my mind said..Tip her very well, so she remembers you. And will give you more time with those nails. I tipped her $18 on a bill of $22, she appreciated it, came around the bar to hug me, and ran those nails up my back, knowingly or not. My next time in, I may as well admit..She’s getting a higher tip.

If I’m not in my home area and know I won’t be back someplace, like when I was on the road for business, and get served by a woman with great, sexy nails, I tell them right out..Your nails are gorgeous, get a pic or two, and overtip them. I’m an active, long nails fetish guy for sure, and my checkbook knows it.

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  • We were not allowed to have long nails at the restaurant I worked at because they were too “unhygienic” to work with food.

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 3:34 pm Reply
  • Some places are like that, but, the ones that do allow it go all-out. The bartender I mentioned with the 3″ long or longer, holiday-red nails brought guys in just for that; Even women would tell her how nice and hot her nails were. I also knew a manager who kept hers 3″ or more, and always black. Helped her do receipts and paperwork one night, and couldn’t keep from feeling and touching her long, black nails. She ate up the attention, even splaying her left hand on the table for me.

    The one last night, with the aqua-blue, was nice, too. Caught my eye as soon as she started towards me, swinging her hands and the light flashing off her nails. I don’t mind tipping or over-tipping a woman who takes care of her long nails and finer things. Know I spend too much on them, but, it’s my preference and fetish. And they don’t mind.

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 4:31 pm Reply
    • Get out a ruler. 3″ or longer is too long to have anything to do with food. That length would be more cumbersome than helpful.

      Anonymous March 14, 2019 8:14 pm Reply
      • No, they both were 3 inches or more. Manager woman took pride in hers, and fed into people asking her about them (even sold her Avon based on them), and bartender girl knew hers attracted a lot of attention, mostly because people knew or asked..How do you do this job, with nails that long? She really did eat it up, too. The more comments she got on those nails, the more money she made. They weren’t cumbersome..They were profitable.

        Anonymous March 14, 2019 10:26 pm Reply
  • I fucking dating this crazy bitch Katie that had 4+ inch long nails

    She was fucking always smoking cigarettes like a fucking chimney – seriously three packs a day was nothing for her… idbeen with her when she was drunk and needed me to go buy her a 4th pack before midnight

    Always tottering around on ridiculously tall 5 inch high heels – never wear panty hose except maybe fishnets always complaining about blisters and she

    She was so skinny it hurt to look at her – her breath always smelled like vomit and cigarettes which is how she stayed so skinny

    I legit think her only calories were hard alcohol

    Worse That bitch was always forgetting her birth control

    Always scared shitless she was pregnant again

    The girls at the abortion clinic knew her on a first name basis

    Oh and she was also a compulsive tanner – like scary town crispy tan – even though she had pale sickly color of skin naturally – I think she figured her tanning and obsessive sun bathing helped hide her sickness

    Man she was some kinda fucked up

    And she was like that by age 23…. last time I fucked her she was 26 … but looked like she could have passed for a woman in her 40s
    All that heavy smoking and drinking and vomiting was really hell on her body

    I do miss her though

    Anonymous April 1, 2019 9:28 pm Reply

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