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Rape is about SEX, not “power”. Stubborn adherence to a political narrative isn’t gonna fix the problem. I find it laughable how those who claim to be an authority on the subject NEVER RAPED ANYONE THEMSELVES. I got to know a LOT of rapists in the 31 years I was in prison, and believe me, the truth they told in private was VERY different than what they told the psychologists. They only learn to parrot what the “therapists” want to hear. Then we all fucking wonder why they always re-offend?!?

God fucking dammit, people! You wanna stop the rapist/chomo problem? Then, ACCEPT THE POLITICALLY UNCOMFORTABLE REALITY. RAPE. IS. ABOUT. SEX!!!! A women who never raped anyone herself is NOT an authority on the subject, no matter HOW much politically-motivated “information” she memorized by rote. Wanna know what goes on in their heads? Ask a rapist – one with NO POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE, not one with hope of getting released. You’re only ever gonna get the fucking truth from someone who has NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE!!

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  • There is a pretty large body of scientific data that supports rape is often “about power” or control. Sex and power are not entirely separate, however. This may be the confusion between your beliefs and the data. Many people get a sexual thrill from dominating others, sometimes to the extent of rape. For rapists, rape is may be more sexually satisfying than consensual sex. Though, not every rapist has the same thoughts and desires.

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 12:23 am Reply
  • You’re a fucktard who knows nothing about the dynamics or psychology of rape. You should shut up and stop making yourself look foolish.

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 2:13 am Reply

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