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Black people never build any civilization. Such a simple fact. Sad one, but it’s how it is.

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  • They started humanity & will outlive your civilizations in their primitive mud huts. So much for “civilization”. White minority status coming 2045 & scientist predict whites will be extinct in 300 years or so. Have a great day.

    Anonymous February 10, 2019 1:52 pm Reply
  • Egyptians were most likely mostly POC who migrated from Africa. Africa…where humanity was born. Africans DNA contain all the genetic variations of all the races…they gave birth to us all.

    Anonymous February 10, 2019 2:44 pm Reply
    • So they built EVERY civilization, you uneducated feckless cunt.

      Anonymous February 10, 2019 2:44 pm Reply
  • Started humanity? LOL LOL LOL LOL What a joke!!
    That’s what you want to hear but FAR from the truth.

    Egyptians have nothing to do with this but weren’t Negros anyway!
    They did not build other civilizations, and their own collapsed.

    Anonymous February 10, 2019 5:08 pm Reply
    • You eat your own boogers, don’t you?

      Anonymous February 12, 2019 8:57 pm Reply
  • But da good at pickin’ cotton!

    Anonymous February 10, 2019 5:55 pm Reply
  • If you mean people of European origin as white, you are wrong. Study history of China, India and Central America. Mind that the Central American civilizations were destroyed by the white people!! This a sad example of how a superior civilization was annihilated by an inferior culture of white Europe.

    Anonymous February 26, 2019 4:04 am Reply
  • I live in South Africa
    Can confirm

    Anonymous February 26, 2019 10:37 am Reply
  • Whoever wrote this can go fall in a ditch

    Anonymous February 26, 2019 10:18 pm Reply
  • You know what, you white people don’t even belong in America. If you don’t like black people, then go back to Europe where your ancestors came from.

    Anonymous February 26, 2019 10:19 pm Reply
  • Hey…. have you gone to school yet? It is a nice place filled with glorious information. Perhaps your intelligence might shoot up a little bit. Or perhaps you step outside and tell that to the black people around you? Or are you just saying this where no one can hear you or know who you are. Coward.

    Anonymous February 27, 2019 1:41 am Reply

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