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Since my boyfriend keeps wanting time to himself and won’t spend every weekend with me and more I got a second boyfriend for the days I don’t see him so that way I’m never alone. I might get a third if it was not enough. I just don’t like to be alone.

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  • This is wrong. You should honestly be ashamed of yourself. Omg I’m a needy attention whore, I can’t stand to be by myself, better get a second bf… like what kind of mentality is that? It’s a very immature one to say the least. If you’re happiness is reliant upon other people, you’re not happy and you should seek therapy. Find the root of your real problem. Don’t toy with others emotions because you can’t stand “loneliness”… Solitude is good for the mind and soul. It’s only in the darkness that one can truly see the light.

    Anonymous January 12, 2019 7:45 pm Reply

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