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Lately I’ve been pondering my life decisions and who I am. Being selfish is apart of human nature. Being selfless is a choice. I am not that selfish. I try really hard to put everyone before myself. But to those who see me from the outside. I can seem self centered. I’ve been told that I’m conceded and narcissistic. I’ve been told I’m a bitch. But, social anxiety makes it impossible to try to talk to someone first. If it’s a business situation, I seem short, but I’m becoming unraveled and can’t breathe. Depression tells me I’m useless and everyone just tolerated me. So I’m sorry, I’m me. I’m sorry, I accepted your compliments when you decided to compliment me every 20 seconds. I’m sorry, I don’t want me to exist anymore either. Maybe, if I changed the way I am to accommodate you, I’d be selfless enough.

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