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I live to BREED! Since Thanksgiving I’ve been on sabbatical, and instead of using the next three months to improve myself and take the constitutional law refesher course at night, I’ve spent all day every day at one of my local bathhouses. It’s a fucking dream to live in fort lauderdale, I have found myself, my passion: breeding tight hairy holes! My lust to fuck, pound away at some backpussy and cream it, is insatiable. I’ve been to Slammers and Clubhouse before, but now that I have days on my hand , fuck I’m a wild grizzly bear and I can’t get enough. I even rigged up a mask like I’ve seen in some videos to keep me Poppered up the whole time, lusting, thrusting, greasing until I’m drained dry. I don’t think I want to go back to work, I’m not in love with being an attorney and I’ve got a lot of money saved up til I can figure out how to keep living this, my best life.

They say true happiness is doing what you love, and what I love is 0
Poppered up and filling some backsnatch with my seed!

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