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Can’t sleep, So while I’m up I’ll confess some more. That girl we raped eventually got pregnant by one of them, because I know it couldn’t have been me I only did it once the other 3 had sex with her multiple times with no protection. She ended up getting in trouble by her parents, They came up to the school mad and said in front of the whole class ”Since my daughter can’t keep her legs closed, she’s going to be getting home schooled from now on.” Some people in the class started laughing, and her parents said that nothing was funny. But before it even got that far ahead, We were still taking her to that abandoned building in the woods. I remember this one time, billy was having sex with her, and she was laying on her back in adams arms while adam was kissing her. I found that weird, that he couldn’t wait till after, two men on one girl at the same time doesn’t sit right with me seems kind of gay I mean you could wait until he’s done first but whatever. Anyway billy then proceded to lift her leg up over him shoulder and try to perform anal on her like a fucking idiot. she started to scream and he kept trying to force it, I had to rush over and cover her mouth because she was so damn loud. even though only like half of only the head of his dick was in her she was crying too and she started throwin punches I tried to hold her down while I was also tryin to cover her mouth. but adam was mad at billy for doin it I didn’t see what was wrong with it I mean if hes already fuckin might as well go all the way and do what you want. Adam pushed him off of her though and cursed him out, going on about how he was hurting her or whatever. Josh wasn’t there that day, and it was just wild and crazy. After that billy zipped up his pants and left, he always leaves when in a confrontation. Adam got mad at me too for holding her down as if, they weren’t both forcin themselves on that girl, I was just trying not to get us caught. He wiped her tears and was asking was she okay as if he didnt already have a girlfriend. His girl was beautiful too, a gorgeous white woman she had long blonde hair and baby blue eyes big breast, thin and always wore daisy dukes she was the perfect southern beauty . So, I don’t see why he wanted her instead I’d kill for his girlfriend. his girlfriend started to get worried that he was cheating on her because he didn’t talk to her like that or have sex with her and I told her that he wasn’t but he was. He even started bringing some kind of wet wipes to clean her after they were done, you could tell he was startin to catch feelings for that black girl anyway I had left too and lord knows what was going on after that. Next time I’ll talk about how we tortured her and tied her to a tree it was before this went down, and before he started liking her so much.

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  • What the f u c k

    Anonymous December 6, 2018 8:28 am Reply
  • leave that girl alone, come and raped me.

    Anonymous December 6, 2018 8:30 am Reply
    • It’s been years and years since I seen her, she is left alone. Don’t know if she had the child or not.

      Anonymous December 6, 2018 9:56 am Reply
  • fake

    Anonymous December 6, 2018 3:44 pm Reply

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