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I am desperate to live my life as a lesbian, but I don’t want to hurt my family. That would mean me splitting up with my boyfriend of 7 years, who’s also the father of my child. If we split up, he wouldn’t help me with anything. He can hardly remember to help me with things as it is. I am terrified of the unknown, because it would be a whole new life for me.

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  • Sounds like fun

    Anonymous December 6, 2018 4:19 am Reply
    • ……..If your part of the live studio audience of a Springer taping.

      Anonymous December 6, 2018 4:20 am Reply
  • Is the boyfriend a terrible person? If not, maybe just come out to him. He might understand. My wife of 14 years recently came out to me as bi curious and she was trying to find the courage for 6 months. She even went to a therapist to talk about the feelings she been having about other women. She was advised to just tell me. She finally did and I told her that it didn’t change the way I feel about her one bit. Sexuality is a spectrum and I still love her. I want her to explore her feelings so I gave her a “hall pass” to experiment if she wants. It’s made our marriage stronger and I feel closer to her than ever before. I don’t know your situation, but honesty is always best. You may be surprised by the outcome.

    Anonymous December 6, 2018 6:06 am Reply

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