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Mobile phone remote detonation instructions for DIY Wireless firework detonation:

Take apart your mobile phone, locate the speaker, cut the wires leading into it and solder those two leads that feed speaker into the speaker to a thyristor. You may want to place a cheap switch in between the thyristor and fuse circuit for this step for safety and to be able to arm the device. A simple wall switch would work as a simple on and off for the circuit…. You can of course get more complicated with it depending on your needs.
Now for the fuse….
Find a 9-volt battery or really any battery will work, remove the metal cover around the core of the battery ( look this up online, you’re basically just taking the metal off of the battery and leaving the inside ) and identify the positive and negative terminals. You can easily rip a park a toy or any cheap electronic device to use the battery compartment to hold your battery and connect me terminals to your fuse circuit.
Implant your homemade fuse into your payload. For this how to, you are using fireworks from a firework stand…
Turn your switch off that you made to arm and disarm the device. Package your new toy and make sure that you connect the phone to a wireless hotspot if possible, this way you don’t have to put a SIM card in there to ring it; if it is a smartphone sign up for a Google Voice account with a new Gmail account and install the app on the phone. you could also set an alarm but you run the risk of a random notification or call setting off especially on a smartphone connected to Wi-Fi. If using a less modern phone try to find one with wifi if you want to avoid the SIM card factor.

In theory you could also set up some other app which would trigger the speaker and you could connect these phones to public wireless and that detonate them sequentially remotely from anywhere

When speaker is activated via a notification or call, and if you have done your wiring correctly it will trigger a fuse which will explode and ignite the rest of the payload. If you are smart you can run these fuses in parallel to ensure complete ignition of your payload.

Now you can impress your friends and family by setting off fireworks like a remote IED
Enjoy your New Year’s

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