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OKAY, OKAY- I can’t keep this in! The other day I was just minding my damn business at lunch in my friend’s English classroom. Only a few people were in there, and it was rather quiet. My friend was out using the bathroom, and the teacher came over, asking if everything was alright and why I was there. I looked up from my sketchbook, clearly not an English assignment, and as I darted my eyes, I noticed her shirt had a strange fold at her chest. I tried to keep eye contact and told her I was waiting for my friend. I snuck another glance down to see the lady’s cold hard nipple pushing against the material of her shirt…
She must’ve noticed the flustered and shocked look on my face, and she moved her arm to cover herself up and we kinda just awkwardly glanced at each other. I didn’t tell anyone, out of respect for the woman, but it’s still, yikes, it was so awkward, and I just couldn’t help glancing…

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