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I would be the first one to kick your balls off if I ever saw you abusing a kid, but ask yourself this: humanity at whole suddenly gains the ability to change their visible age at will. That’s VISIBLE, mind you, you’d still have the mind, experiences and what have you, but you’d look whatever age you want; height, build, facial/body hair, voice, the works. What do you think would happen? I promise you that the superhero, romcom, horror, sci fi, fantasy, and holiday movie industries would all crumble overnight. The new biggest movie industry would be child porn.

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  • No? I’d want to look about 27. Still youthful but with signs of age to reflect experience.

    You’re projecting your internal shit here
    Nobody sane wants to fuck somebody who looks too young to leave the encounter without trauma

    Anonymous November 21, 2018 6:02 am Reply

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