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I met this girl once, After about 6 months or so I started hanging around with her a lot more. I really started to fall for her soon after that, for a long time I was trying to work up the courage to tell her how i feel.

But I was too late she messaged me saying we needed to talk which scared me as I thought it might be my friend who had not been heard from for a while (was expecting bad news) I ran home. She ends up telling me she has a BF and she thought I was into her (I am). I didnt know what to do so I just did my best to not to say anything dumb and left as soon as I could to give myself time to figure out what the hell just happened. Safe to say that I still believe she is the best thing since sliced bread.

first off some context I have nightmares maybe twice a year but when I have them they mess with me a lot so much so that I wake up shaking and sweating also I have only vomited about 5 times ever in my life two fo which where from drinking too much at a party. So I wake up shaking my arm is twitching and I am terfied as in my nightmare she was in a car crash, she was the only person I wanted to talk so I ring her we talk for a bit but I never told her what the nightmare was about it, I never lie to her and I really hate keeping secrets from her no matter what they are.

a fews day later we are chatting online (voice) and she out of the blue says OMG WTF and then goes slient. This slienced continues I am calling out her name I am starting to freak out she has not said anything in about 10mins so I start trying to ring her on snapchat with no answer. I message her bro hoping that he is still awake as its late to see if he can go check on her. At the point it reaches about 25mins I am gettin having sort of flashback to the nightmare I begin to sweat and then all of a sudden I run to the toliet and throw my guts up the whole time I am hoping and praying she messages me back that she is okay.

Thank God she was okay.

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