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I’m forced to hide my true self infront of people I have many thoughts about hurting other people or animals I only do those things if i can get away with them though sometimes I get a friend that I can tell all my thoughts to but lately it’s been more lonely because mostly the only people I can talk to are edgy teens it’s not like I can embrace this side of me too often anyways I dont feel fear and it’s not like i feel any remorse for anything I did it’s just disappointing that i I have to hold myself back if i don’t hold myself back I’ll end up scaring people around me they look at me subconsciously recognising me as dangerous well I’m not denying that im not dangerous if people get too close to me they might end up getting hurt is all it’s not like who I am is rare but i haven’t created a better way to find people like me so i guess I’ll wrap this up with my taste I enjoy it more when they don’t want it though the fact that I can’t end up in a mess for torturing somebody i have to get somebody willing to get hurt by me usually through love or that they enjoy the pain I want to dissect and taste different parts of the human body like the eyes and play in the organs of an animal recently I’ve been into the idea of having a collection of heads from people I also want to rip off someone’s nail and see the expression on their face and hear how they respond to the pain I like how pretty blood is i also enjoy the taste it’s well one of the things I enjoy so I’ll leave this with I can understand rapists I dont have sexual feeling really I have a different offbrand version of it from me being sadistic I can’t get off to that though it’s more of I want to see more of it the rapist thing I get the non willing partner thing it makes sense why they’d want to see them like that well atleast I’m not the type to want to fuck a dead body okay that’s it hope you enjoyed a peak into my mind

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  • If you have to do it, do it to some evil person that has it coming to them, like the leaders of the cult I used to be in, I used to fantasize about a variety of long and painful torture for them.

    Anonymous March 12, 2018 6:44 pm Reply

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