• 2 weeks ago

Ok, I feel better.

I hate everyone on this planet EXCEPT my honeys.

I realized I have not seen coffee girl or “my dear” girl in over a week.

I saw them both this morning. Coffee girl, I like her, I think she’s pretty, she looks like my old work crush, I like the little dance we do when I gonin there, but theres not really any communication between us

“My dear girl” on the other hand is always smiling, always good (in her own words) and she is so pretty. Seeing her super long red hair that ome day set me off. I saw her today, she looked so pretty. Not hearing her hat, hair up in a ponytail, wearing her white chef uniform, smiling happy. Calling me my dear. What I really love though is the way she bids me a good day as I’m leaving. She’s sneaking into the cooler and quietly so nobody else hears it makes sure to say to me “have a good day, honey…”. I feel better. I think I was getting withdrawals.

She’s so pretty and nice. I would ask her to do something but I think she is under 25.