• 3 weeks ago

My Aunt Let Her Daughters Watch Everything.

My mom deliberately exposed my cock and my balls to my aunt and her daughters when I got spanked. Mom did it to embarrass me. I complained which was a mistake because mom paddled me again for my complaining. She says if I break the rules I pay the price. She will punish me no matter who is watching.

My aunt let her daughters watch everything. She agreed with mom that when I disobey I deserve to be punished. She said her daughters can learn from my example of how to deal with a disobedient boy.

I tried to cover my hard cock and my balls but mom made me stand there with my hands at my side. My cock was sticking up in the air and the girls all looked at it. My aunt said it was a good opportunity to learn about boys and erections. One of her daughters reached out and touched it. My aunt told the girls it was OK if they wanted to touch and examine it. Then the other two girls did the same. Then my aunt took out her smart phone and took pics of me standing there naked with my balls hanging and my cock hard. My aunt said she’d send copies of the pics to mom’s phone. I wish I could destroy those pics but I can’t.

I was already in tears from my spanking. Mom said if I continued sobbing that next I would get a hot soapy enema to fix my problem. Mom asked if I’d like to go get the enema bag to show the girls. I begged but my aunt said it was a good idea.

I had to fetch the enema kit. Mom Velcro strapped my hands behind my back. She got the girls to help fill up the enema bag with hot water and some Ivory dish-soap. I hate Ivory dish-soap because that’s what mom always uses on me. I hate the smell of it and I hate having it up inside me. Mom says it’s a classic for a boy’s enema.

Mom put me on the pull-out sofa, head down, bare bottom in the air, pulled my balls down between my legs and inserted the balloon enema nozzle in my opening. She inflated the balloon inside me which keeps the enema from leaking out until she decides to deflate it. My aunt asked one of her girls if they’d like to hold my enema bag. They took turns standing up on a chair holding the bag up high while the others watched.

Mom held my balls as she opened the clamp. I heard the clamp click and I knew the hot soapy was coming. I saw the sudsy water gush down the clear tube and felt the hot gush in my rectum. I begged and pleaded.

My aunt said this is good for me and I needed to learn humility and obedience. The girls watched the sudsy water spin the colored beads in the flow indicator. They watched me squirm, plead and beg. The watched my erection wobbling about as my belly swelled from the hot soapy enema.

They girls took turns standing on the chair to hold the bag up high. My aunt took video of everything. She recorded the bag getting drained as the hot water went into me. She took video of the enema tube sticking up my anal opening as I was splayed wide open, with my balls in mom’s firm grip while I my begged and pleaded. My aunt was happy and pleased as she recorded my punishment.

Mom squeezed the inline bulb to increase the pressure and I moaned. She finally gave me a few seconds of relief as she clicked the clamp closed while the bulb refilled. I promised to be a good boy and never disobey again. Mom said that I should have thought of that before breaking the rules.

She clicked the clamp open and the hot soapy water restarted. I squirmed but she had a firm grip on my balls which were throbbing in pain both from the hot enema and from her grip. As the hot sudsy water forced its way inside me I could taste the Ivory Soap which was filling my belly. My cock was rock hard and pulsating.

The girls were told to squeeze the bag since it was getting low. My aunt told them to squeeze out every last drop. The pressure increased with each squeeze and I moaned as the girls laughed. Finally the bag was empty. It was sucked flat as all the fluid was forced up my opening and held in place by the balloon. My aunt said retention enemas are the best for boys. She said it is an excellent discipline method. Mom squeezed the inline bulb surging the last of the soapy water into my hole.

With my pee hole dripping and erection bouncing about, I was marched over to the powder room where I was allowed to sit on the toilet. I begged mom to take the balloon out but she said I needed to sit there and think about my bad behavior. She asked if I thought I should hold it for 5 minutes, or should I hold it for ten minutes to teach me a lesson. She asked what I’d like to do.

I said I’d like to hold it for ten minutes since I was bad and needed to learn my lesson. I knew that was what she wanted. She said good, maybe I was starting to learn my place. She said let’s ask the girls what they want. She asked them to decide 5 or 10 minutes. They all said 10 minutes. So mom sent one of the girls to the kitchen to get the timer.

I sat on the toilet sweating and moaning as my stomach churned. I promised to always be a good boy. My aunt had her camera filming it all. The girls watched with smug looks and amusement. Finally the ten minutes was up. My aunt suggested adding another 5 minutes for good measure; the girls agreed.

Mom reset the timer for another 5 minutes as my agony went on. The timer bell went off and the girls demanded another 10 minutes of punishment. My aunt took the timer and set it for ten more minutes of suffering. Finally it went off and mom deflated the balloon which was sealing my opening, thus allowing me to expel the soapy liquid. It felt so good.

I was humiliated to have a bowel movement while everyone watched. My cock was rock hard and sticking up past the toilet seat. My aunt saw the wet clear fluid flowing from my pee hole down my shaft and said it was disgusting. I was allowed ten minutes and then I was told to wipe myself while they all watched and my aunt continued to video.

After that my aunt took a dry wash cloth and harshly wiped off my dripping pee hole. She said it was hard long enough so she smacked my balls but it stayed hard. Mom made me grovel before each of the girls and my aunt and beg forgiveness for my disobedience, for taking up their time and spoiling their visit. It was all recorded by my aunt who promised to preserve it for posterity and to remind her girls how to discipline a boy should they ever be so unfortunate as to have any male children.

Mom made me write apology notes to my aunt and each of my cousins, begging forgiveness, admitting that I was wrong and thanking them for my punishment. My cousins always tell mom how much they enjoy watching the video. They sent a copy to mom’s phone which mom loaded onto her computer. She makes me watch it as a reminder of my place.

My aunt said she looks forward to helping out with my punishment the next time. She said that mom should send me over to her house for a week or two when school is out for the summer, so I can learn my manners and my place. Mom agreed and said I should be thankful to my aunt and cousins for their help and guidance. Mom said I’m going to be sent to my aunt’s home when in June. She said my aunt will have complete and total charge of me and authority over me. My aunt said she looks forward to that. She said her girls will train me to be an obedient, compliant submissive boy.