• 5 days ago

You being a narcissist makes you very predictable. I predict today on 6/22/05, that as soon as your divorce is finalized you will be remarried almost immediately after. You’ll beg to have your grandkids be a part of it but your own children won’t even be there. Your daughter…a slight chance but probably not. So you and the whore will either go to the beach, but more likely you’ll go to the mountains where you always took your WIFE and will do it there. Probably the only, if even anyone bothers to attend would be her kids, mom, maybe her brother but ? and your mom. You might talk your aunt into coming but kind of doubtful since she too along with your sisters thinks you’re a fucking scumbag for how you did your wife and children and grandchildren. But hey maybe your dad will attend since you followed right along in his footsteps and dumped your entire family for one of the many affair partners. 😂
One question tho, when you go to finalize the divorce will you take off the fake wedding ring your whore has had you wearing since you left your family home to move in with her while still married to your wife? Maybe you can save some money and give the whore your wife’s wedding rings. 🤣