• 1 week ago

I love how whites are not allowed to kill blacks anymore.

The price for killing a black person is so high for every race unless you’re a cop but do not worry we working on that. 😉

Black on black crime comes with a high cost. It shows that the life of a black person actually means something to the courts. Unless you’re a cop usually you can kill whoever you want.

I love how even a black homeless crackhead’s life means more than those 2 whities that got GOT by my boy Kevin.

We need more whites like Kevin. He’s an American hero. A white kid who can kill other whites without consequences.

Simply means the lives of whites are not valued.

I also love how nearly 50% of whites do not care for white unity or white prosperity. Whites are divided. Whites push homosexuality and trannyism. The women are turning into men. The men are turning into women. Forcing this on their children. White people are doomed.

As soon as whites stop obsessing over black people they can finally begin to recover their society an dying population.