• 1 week ago

I went out with my crush today and I had fun but something didn’t feel right with me during today. Before this guy made it clear he didn’t want any sort of relationship with me at least romantically and I respected that. We hung out at his place and I let him know I might pass out, since I normally nap during the afternoon. He played a movie and and I pass out midway through but I was still kinda conscious if that makes any sense. He started cuddling up to me and touching my arms and thighs and kissing my head and other places. I felt really weird about it so I woke up and pretend I need to pee. When I came back he went back to doing what he was doing but I was fully aware of what was happening and he knew it as well. When we dropped me off home he asked me for a kiss and I was really confusedand hesitated so I just kissed his cheek. He then said ‘what no lips?’ I just told him not to push his luck and entered my home. I know I like him but but it felt weird him doing that to me it didn’t feel right since we were friend. I didn’t like it but I didn’t hate that he did that I’m just lost?