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Lately I’ve been questioning my sexuality. I’ve always been attracted to women. But to be honest, I may be bisexual. I definitely wouldn’t say that I’m gay. I’d much rather be with a woman than a man. I can honestly say there has been a time where I thought “I’m attracted to this guy or that guy.” Just imagining myself kissing any guy does nothing for me. It turns me off more than anything. Now I really love to wear thongs. Sometimes I search images of guys wearing thongs and sometimes I get hard sometimes I don’t. But that’s all that gets me going. And I think it’s mostly the thongs turning me on than the guy. It’s just that I really want my asshole fucked. I recently bought a dildo and a butt plug. Most of the time I masturbate I put my butt plug in. Sometimes I try to get off without but then I could be right in the middle of fucking my fleshlight and I stop I go grab my butt plug and put it in. I don’t really use my dildo too often. When I do, the feeling is often satisfactory. I guess if I’m not in control of it, it would feel a lot better. That’s why I really want some guy to fuck me. What’s more intriguing is I can really see myself enjoying sucking a dick. I think I’d rather suck dick more than I want to get fucked. Although I doubt I’ll ever get the opportunity, I can’t imagine that I would ever pass up the chance (if the situation is right). However, the question is am I bisexual for feeling this way or is it normal? Maybe it would be normal for a young teenager who’s going through puberty but I’m in my 20’s.

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  • Nobody knows the dick like another dude. Go with it and have fun. No homo.

    Anonymous January 10, 2019 12:23 am Reply
  • I mean, it’s all unnecessary speculation if you don’t suck a dick

    Anonymous January 10, 2019 1:15 am Reply
  • Go for it! I love women (especially my wife), but learned in college that I love cock. Sucking, getting covered in cum, feeling a hard dick in my ass. I haven’t played with one in a long time, but my wife is great with toys in my butt. We’re also looking for the right guy to share (she doesn’t swallow, but I do). Learning you don’t like it would be better than wondering for the rest of you life.

    Anonymous April 15, 2019 1:43 am Reply

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