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I feel sad and I miss my boyfriend. He keeps saying he misses me but he doesn’t come see me. I’m started to get mad but i didn’t tell him that ”getting mad. I just really miss him. I’m going to cry later. we just started dating on Jan 1. what do i do? wait forever?? its been 3 days without seeing him and i cant take this any longer.. my heart is just hurting . i really want to see him. 🙁 so i just needed to get this out. anyone else ever feel this way about their gf/bf? . we are both 19. and hes probably out with his bros but I want to see him NOW

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  • im not sad anymore cuz he told me hes coming tonight !! so its ok. til he leaves again tomorrow… oh no.. lol !

    Anonymous January 9, 2019 4:45 am Reply

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