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Just a rant. Maybe you can relate or maybe you’re one of the people I’m talking about in which case feel free to explain your side.

When you’re single nobody cares, gives a fuck about you, etc.

When you’re happily dating someone and head over heels for them people come out of the woodwork with “I was gonna talk to her!” or “I was waiting for him to ask me out and constantly flirted with him!” Suddenly you’re adored, sought after, and maybe even though youre dating they will try to interfere so they can break you up and have you for themselves. No class or morals.

But when you’re single nobody wants you. You’re the last toy on the shelf left to collect dust. Nobody cares. It’s when somebody actually wants and sees your worth and snatches you up that suddenly from seemingly out of nowhere people come flocking out of the shadows.

Spent many valentines alone, never went to a dance or party with anyone, was very depressed and lonely. People had years to try and reach out to me. It’s only when I finally got noticed and am with someone that suddenly people want to step up and say something. Some of them I might’ve had a thing for at one point but it’s too late now. I am completely enamored over my current partner. Crazily so.

My logic is why bother giving anyone else a chance? This person reached out to me when nobody did. They were interested in me at my darkest, most negative. They still reached out to me. Now that I’m happy, cheerful, put more care into my looks come these people who were supposedly interested.

I deliberately kept this neutral as I feel anyone whether guy or gal, straight or gay can relate.

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  • I don’t know man the only functional relationships I ever had were LGBT xD

    Anonymous December 5, 2018 3:11 pm Reply
  • why does your past social experience, and possible future expectations of unimportant people affect the way you look at your life right now?
    being single sucks man, but it has some points.
    and having a main dame is awesome, but if you focus on what was and what could be, you are really truly missing out on the potential of your current relationship.

    Anonymous December 6, 2018 4:10 am Reply

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