• 7 months ago

I feel as if all may friends may be plotting against me. It may just be my paranoia kicking in but who know, I have this very close friend and of course we talk shit about everybody. Online, over text, etc. However she has been acting odd this past weekend, we had planned to call and usually we would go through with this. However when I sent her the message confirming, she didn’t respond til the next day claiming her wi-fi was not great. So the next day I ended up casually asking to call as well over text, and she began to stop responding. After a couple of hours I had unsent the message thinking it was stupid and then all of a sudden she replies? We were using a social media app which informs the person when a message has been unsent. I’m suspicious that she had just responded to make sure it was me who unsent it, and being the fucking dumbass I was, I replied back right away which may have confirmed it. However she replied kind of normal. I’m still on the fence about this as I am not sure if I am reading too far into this or not. I also have a tendency to push people away from me, so if this friend is planning to ditch me i am not sure what to do. Also my birthday is this month and this friend is promising a gift so I am wondering if the dumping will happen after then. She also seems to be getting too friendly with people we dislike but who knows. Yet she keeps making plans for us in the future??? This is all too weird and several red flags have been raised for me. ugh.

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