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There’s this one guy that I used to like. We used to be friends, we used to talk to each other, but I wish that never happened. So, after being friends for a few days, he developed feelings for me. We were busy talking about stuff and then the topic of crushes came. I asked him about his crush, and he confessed to me. I didn’t want to friend zone him, that was a huge mistake. I said I liked him too, we didn’t become girlfriend and boyfriend because, we wanted to take it slow. So, we stayed friends but not at the same time. I started to like him, and that’s my huge mistake, along with saying I liked him. After everything that happened, he broke it off. I was relieved but heartbroken. He told me he really did like me, it’s just that he didn’t have that feeling when you have a crush on someone, he told me that after we broke off, like a few months after or a month after. At the time he broke it off, I didn’t cry, I was ok with it. After not talking to him, because it was awkward, I decided to tell the people that were wary of him. We made a group called ‘we suspect ————’ that’s not his name, we thought he was really a girl (for jokes), so we called him ————-. Throughout the story I’m going to refer to him as ————-. I told them about it, but along with knowing some other interesting facts about him. I help back in telling them about it, but I told them about the interesting facts including his crushes, experiments, etc. Apparently he does experiments on girls to find out what ‘love’ is. I was his first real crush. After telling them about it, we decided to spy on him at school, also known as stalking. Don’t question this. It was reasonable. We found out his new targets and such.

I’m going to make a part 2. So stay tuned for that.

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