• 6 months ago

It is a lie when I tell the young girls I’m seducing that I don’t have a girlfriend. I do have a steady girl but they think that we’re just friends. I am still young enough and good looking enough that these girls never really think of me as potential stranger danger. This week alone I’ve gotten a very pretty, long haired brunette, to make out, let me feel her up entirely, rub her little pussy to her first orgasm while sucking on her budding breasts and to give me a hand job/ blow job where my cum landed all over her naked body. Mine was the first dick she had ever seen and she liked my cum. I would be seeing her over the weekend when she slept over at my neighbor’s house. A girl who was also 13 and that I had sex with regularly. I was also her first. We had a plan to get this girl to have sex with both of us. My neighbor had picked her to try sex with a girl for her first lesbian sex and really wanted her. Monday and Tuesday I was working on a 15 year old for about three hours each day. She was a little more average looking but had a great body on her that was nearly that of a woman. I knew her older brother vaugely from the grocery store and went to the girls house pretending to look for him. I also knew that their parents both worked. She was alone as I hoped and soon we were talking and playing with their tiny min pin puppy. I flashed her twice from the leg of my shorts and she kept looking for more. When I sat on the couch she stayed on the floor and I had most of my cock and balls exposed. She got a good eye full then snapped out of it. “Oh my god!”
“What?” I asked acting surprised. “I can… I can see… I can see… “What Terri?” She pointed, glanced at me then looked right back at my crotch. “What is it, what do you see?” She just pointed for a second “UM your, your thing!” I acted surprised “Oh! um, yea oops! sorry about that.” Standing and pulling my shorts straight. “Oh well, kind of embarrassing but no big deal right?” She was blushing. “Sorry about that are you all right? your blushing like crazy.” Her face was nearly glowing “No!… I mean it’s okay I…I was just kind of surprised to see it like that I’ve never…I’ve never seen a real penis before is all.” Regaining her composure, her face still beet red. “Yea it kind of surprised me to see it like that too.” we smiled and laughed slightly. “You’ve really never seen a guys penis before?”
She shook her head “No, no not really. I mean I’ve seen a couple pictures, you know in my science book but never in real life, like close up like I saw you.” “Yea those drawings in a science book really isn’t like real life is it?” She returned my grin and seemed to be relaxing some. We talked some more and before she knew it we were making out and I was feeling her nice firm naked breasts in her open blouse. She wanted to check me out for real so I pulled down my pants and let her. Together while I played with her tits we made me squirt an impressive amount of cum. It was mostly her and she got such a big surprise out of it. She had only been felt up twice by the same guy, once was over her shirt and bra. I had to go after we ate most of my sperm. I called her the next day and she told me when to come over. We went as far as we could go without fucking. Everything but anal and vaginal intercourse. All that came about a week later in her bed. She told me that she had a guy over one day and liked him a lot. He was a year older than her compared to my 7 years older so we called it quits. She cried silently but it was cool