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Trigger warning – s**ual assault
When I was little, around 7, my brother repeatedly molested me.
It was never penetrative, but that doesn’t change the fact that my almost adult brother continually stripped me, fondled me, touched me and all other ungodly things.
No one ever believed me. No one.
I live with the feelings every day.
I live with the feeling that I am used.
I am sorry.
It is my fault.
I am only valuable for my body.
I am terrified of men like him.
I am inherently to a depress scared of all men.
I am scared of being alone.
I am scared of the dark.
Certain songs, locked doors, his old screensaver all things like that terrify me.
I am noseblind but one of the only smells I can smell is the brand of shampoo he used and it makes me sick.
I can’t function normally.
I can’t go a single day without thinking about what happened.
And I don’t know how to deal with it.

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