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Possible impacts if women outnumber men:
– more pussycat fighting for their ‘suger-son’.
– tinder will show middle finger to facebook for its settings.
– in every organization, white blond at the top, next the blacks men due to their long…, next white, lastly Spanish and Latinos at the ground level.
– condom sellers will be crashed and converted to tampon sellers.
– free cosmetic surgery are available even in your heart or kidney, regardless of where is the cancer found in a body, it will be always called breast cancer.
– this website will be no longer in use due to similar false stories and lack of common public interest.
– first time in life your may need to call a woman father in the church and call a man sister in the hospital.
– baby will born with pink hair and it’s mother have pink milk.
– new traffic rules, when you see a light of any color, means go.
– gays will be most demanded by women to marry due to their inbuilt dislike for women thus loyal.
– maths, physics and software engineering will be converted to biology, commerce and HR, cos lack of backing males.
– gyms will be converted to salons and spa.
– in Walmart, the gents section will right after vegetables.
– google sign will have only two ‘oo’ . And microsoft will be only ‘soft’.
– finally a good for nothing like me will get the highest paid job as male stripper.
… Nothing meant, just for fun.

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