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An incident is happening to me right now and I highly doubt that anyone I know will see this.

This happened not too long ago, I’m a teenager, a fairly good artist that has more of a cartoony style.
I’ll call my friend who is actually on my side K and the other one who is accusing me, Y.

I went to my friend’s K’s house, unbeknownst to me, K’s mom had brought Y over. It started out nicely, with us being anime nerds. Then we had a beautiful idea, it was Y’s idea, that we should draw porn! What could possibly go wrong?


I drew a picture of a robot oc with a vagina, K and Y drew stick figures with large dicks and boobs and just having fun. Soon, at around 10 pm I went home.

The next day, I’m in my room, drawing when all of a sudden, my mom calls me to her room and tells me she got a disturbing text from Y’s mom. I asked what it was and then she told me that she found a drawing of porn on Y’s phone.

Side note: I’m pretty loyal so if I know you, are friends and you’re in deep shit then I’m there to support you.

Anyways, I had no idea which drawing she was talking about so I told her that I drew that. I didn’t see the picture and so I partly blame my mom for causing more drama. I told her it was a truth or dare and then some crying later, I went to brush my teeth, then she calls me back in and I tell her the truth of what happened. She’s angry and tells me to “not fucking lie!” .
She then shows me the picture that Y’s mom sent her. It was a drawing of one of my characters and one of Y’s characters (both female, my mom was lecturing me on how this could damage my reputation if people found out). Y’s mom was blaming me for drawing that even though I hadn’t drawn that.
I then told my mom I hadn’t drawn that, not the base, not the details.

Y then came to school the next day after lunch, I asked her why she would say that I drew it and told me that she was afraid of her dad being angry at her.

Note: her dad is a fucking hot headed bitch. The time she I’ve been at her place and her dad was in the same room, I’ve felt very uncomfortable around him. K told me that she was at her place once and accidentally spilled a single noodle from soup and he got fucking pissed.

Next day at school, she didn’t apologize or anything! She started talking to me and didn’t even explain in full detail why.

K had told her mom that she saw Y draw the drawing but nOoOo Y’s mom didn’t believe me or her.
Fuck you Y’s mom if you ever read this.

Whole fucking shit I can’t, this is taking a major toll on my mental health to the point that I can’t even look at my mom before breaking down and her not helping me by not making me feel better.

I’m a fucking loser who deserves to fucking die. I’m just imagining my suiside right now, jumping off of my house, cutting my wrists, chocking myself until I suffocate, drown myself in the tub. I don’t know or fucking care anymore. Fuck you Y, fuck you I hate you so much for this you manipulate bastard.

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  • Im sorry youre going through this, it sucks ass

    Tbf y’s dad sounds like an abusive prick. For all you know hed beat her or something. She still should have apologized tho

    You dont need to die over this. Ive fucked up way worse than any of this but im still around for some ungodly reason

    Wait it out. See what happens. Do drugs if you do that shit. Jack off. Have a smoke. Listen to music. Watch some anime. Buy something. Make something. Relax. Fuck everyone else. Porn is great and being gay is great and fuck everyone else for making you feel bad for it. Fuck anyone who makes you feel bad for that shit.

    Anonymous April 24, 2019 4:11 am Reply
  • I dont give a shit about my family no more. You dont back me up, i dont back you up. If your mom cant handle normal shit like gay sex and porn and shit, fuck what she thinks tbh. Sometimes you gotta not care how others feel if they throw you under the bus like that

    Anonymous April 24, 2019 4:13 am Reply

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