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You fucking set up a whole 3-day vacation, just to visit us.
You said you would be there.
You said you would come stay at our house, and eat with us and whatnot.
You brought my hopes up so high, your visit was all I was looking forward to for the past two weeks.
Your visit was all I worked hard to pass time for.
Your visit was everything that made me want to keep going.
Yesterday I could barely concentrate on studying, costing me my hard-fought-for grades.
Yesterday I could barely sleep, causing my insomnia to once again emerge even though I tried so hard for so long to push it down.
Yesterday I didn’t even feel bad about missing out on a huge event, one that everyone else would be at but I would be home from, with you there.

You are a freaking liar, cheater, faker, trickster. To put it in not-so-harsh sounding words.

Why did you leave me hanging? Why did you all of a sudden call this morning and say you couldn’t come?
And your excuse: a little boy didn’t want to go, so you didn’t either.

You promised.
You said you would be there.
You even booked airplane tickets, hotel rooms, and trip fees.
Did you consider that this week has been one of the roughest for me?
Did you consider that we prepared everything just to accommodate you?
Did you consider anything?

Why did you give up your money just to avoid visiting me?

Am I that unimportant?

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