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look. end of times. trump. bug out bags need ready togo at a minutes notice. gtfo. run and hide. secret police. theyRe coming. chair is against the wall. john has a long mustasche. cindy wanted you to know. hide in the woods. like when we played dungeons amd dragons in the garage in the 70s and listened to all that Gordon Lightfoot. I never told anybody about your little sister Becky’s abortion.

I miss her. im sorry she OD’d when she was just a freshman… Im so fucking sorry Danny Im sorry I made fun of her for it

it was my fault. I gave her the shit. I wanted her to feel ok after the abortion.

thatsas my fault too. I had fooled arumd with her the first time she ever got drunk when she was in 8th grade, summer before our senior year. you were passed out in the hottub. its actually amazing you didnt drown

but your head fell backwards ans hit the bricks when you were stoned instead of the face first in the water

Becky nwver told anyone what happened because she was embarassed of how drunk she was

and she was terrified about the abortion

she was sure she was going to hell

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