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Hi. I wrote a poem again. And remember in a novice sooo. Enjoy I guess.

I see all these people with fake smiles
With pretty face’s but bad origin traces
With broken homes and broken hearts
All the while with a big smile

They say their happy, they say their fulfilled
But just a few steps away is a cake that could never fill them
Fill them with happiness, fill them with joy
Like the time you got a Christmas day toy

You say that your happy and nothings wrong
Meanwhile you hate yourself and others around you
You might have tried to be happy and tried to be strong
And that might not have been in your Avenue

So you trie to escape in your own little way
To set aside the real world and let your mind go astray
Only problem is you have to come back or else it consumes you
And sadly that is what you will have to do


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  • Great song lyrics!

    Anonymous March 22, 2019 8:35 pm Reply

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