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My bestfriend thinks that I like to hang with her. I don’t. In fact, I despise her.

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  • Been there.

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 10:58 pm Reply
  • Done that

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 11:01 pm Reply
  • How is she your best friend if you despise her? that’s contradictory.

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 11:11 pm Reply
  • my best friend’s being a bit much lately. I’m a bisexual female and she’s never fully accepted me and she thinks that I’m faking it and I just think girls are pretty. She thinks my life is perfect and I get straight A’s without trying but no. Depression is biting away at me on the inside and studies comfort me and it’s the only way I can stop myself from being so upset all the time. She was breaking down and I was trying to comfort her and she wants to move away even though I beg her not to and apparently I don’t understand and I’m not helping her in any way. I can’t deal with this, I’ve been doing it for over a year and it still isn’t good enough. Well fuck you too, Jane.

    Anonymous March 15, 2019 12:08 am Reply

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