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I feel like a wear a mask every. single. day. Every thinks I’m Little Miss Perfect, perfect grades, perfect group of (fake) friends , perfect life. It’s quite the opposite, I’m living a lie. I have to work my ass off to keep those grades high and my classmates think it comes easily and if I stopped I would disappoint my parents and their proud faces are the only thing keeping me sane. My friends would ditch me in a heartbeat, and a lot of them have, they make me apologize to them when I get mad about them being bitches. When I started being friends with them I thought they were amazing people but, I failed to realize they weren’t my real friends and they would just leave me. I haven’t been genuinely happy for a long time. I know I sound like an entitled little brat but, it’s been building up and I don’t know if I can take it any longer.

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  • Homework:
    How much are you learning from school? (If anything at all)
    Getting amazing grades is easy if you understand what’s on the sheet (don’t train yourself to regurgitate information)
    Bitches will be bitches… Leave em if you don’t like em
    There are plenty of people who’d like to hang out with you just go find them
    Mental health:
    Tell this to your parents, highschool (I assume) can leave serious psychological damage on you if you let it
    Don’t let it… Tell someone and get yourself real help from a professional

    Anonymous January 25, 2019 3:07 am Reply
  • There are no real professionals. You are just like everyone else. Everyone fakes it, and wears a mask. High grades require lots of work in most cases, only in a few cases is the person really that ‘bright’.

    There are no amazing people. They all suck. You will learn this as you go thru life. People are always a disappointment. Dump the bitches. In life you really only have yourself. Everyone else comes with a price, they all want something.

    Anonymous January 25, 2019 4:21 am Reply
  • if your fake friends are bitches to you, YOU should ditch them find nice people live your life. also homework doesn’t really mean that much if you just listen in class a lot and space out your homework time and your life time it will be fine you’ll figure it out 🙂

    Anonymous January 28, 2019 11:41 am Reply

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