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I lied to my employer and doctor about my smoking addiction to get lower premiums. I also lied on my taxes about having insurance for the entire year.

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  • That’s ok! You need your cigarettes everyday I’m sure! My ex girlfriend from college was the same way! She smoked all the time, two to three packs a day. She seriously couldn’t go a half hour without a cigarette.

    She got a job working from home so she could smoke whenever she wanted. Of course her smoking sky rocketed after that – I don’t think she ever smokes less than three packs a day now

    26 years later and she still is just chain smoking away – and still coughing constantly and hacking up nasty brown phlegm

    I went out on a date recently since I’m recently divorced

    Man shes still pretty but also looks rough. Skinny and she’s only 46 but looks more like 60 or older. smoking has wrecked her

    She tells me she spits up blood every morning and is worried because she doesn’t have insurance anymore since she works as a contractor

    Even though she’s still rail thin she’s so outta shape she can’t even walk up a flight of stairs without wheezing and gasping for air

    Even lying to her insurance company she still can’t afford insurance

    Her 14 year old daughter used to beg her to quit smoking but apparently now she started smoking cigarettes herself and her mom just lets her – even buys them for her

    Anyways it’s crazy stuff. i smoked for 24 yearsmyself and quit 2 years ago…

    Now that I’m back wanting to see my old ex girlfriend again- I found myself buying a few packs

    Crazy how easy it is for old habits to creep up on you

    Anyways I totally agree
    You should smoke all you like and not be penalized!

    Anonymous January 26, 2019 6:14 pm Reply

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