• 2 weeks ago

I’ve had a crush on one of my oldest friends since high school. We never acknowledged it although I think he tried to find out if I was interested. We spent some time apart and I recently found out he’s been in a relationship for the past year. I reached out to him and told him that although I’m happy he’s found a great partner, I’m also a little sad because I’ve been interested in him for a long time. To my surprise, it seems his girlfriend was a placeholder, because he broke up with her almost instantly, to be with me. We haven’t told anyone yet because he doesn’t want her to think he was cheating but eventually we will let people know. I feel guilty because she’s heartbroken and she’s been begging for him back. She can’t understand why he broke up with her. I feel guilty because he and I are so happy together and she was just a road bump in our journey.