• 3 weeks ago

i love my best friend. We’re both girls. There’s nothing wrong with liking the same gender, but there’s something wrong with liking your literal fucking best friend. I loved her so much, that I didn’t realize i was hurting the people around her. The people around me. I didn’t realize that I was showering her with too much attention compared to the others, to the point where one would feel left out. I have 2 best friends. I love them to death. I would gladly sacrifice my life for them to be happy and have a wonderful life. I developed a crush on my best friend a. We have known each other since grade 5. I met best friend a and b in elementary. We were so close. We would do everything together. We would update each other on every detail of our lives. Our conversations would flow without it feeling awkward. But thats gone. That disappeared because I was selfish. Because i couldnt control my love for best friend a. I made best friend b feel left out. I even neglected them for months because i was hanging out with other people. I didn’t think of the possibility that we would ever break. That the friendship I held for years would disappear. I was dumb. . I should have been a better friend and a better person. I should have controlled my emotions. I miss talking to my best friends. They mean the world to me. We supported each other through all ups and downs. I’m terrible for not being better. I hope they are well. I hope they would forget me. Forget me and move on from the pain i inflicted to them. I hope they are happy and with new people. I hope they smile brighter with others than with me. They deserve the world. They deserve everything.