• 6 days ago

In college at a party I was going to be shared by several guys and my pants were stripped off and I was set up for them. The first one took his turn and after he got up he told the other guys to back off, he wasn’t sharing. It was my first time, he didn’t know it. He got me dressed and took me to his apartment where he finished what he started. I woke up naked with him and I went home with three ejaculations in me over the last 12 hours.

I didn’t reject the sperm, and one little bugger got through and got me pregnant. I was 18 and when I told him what he had done, he said good, that’s what women are for. He married me and we remain married, with more children. He kept me pregnant for five years and five children are not enough. The only reason I stopped was because I got my tubes tied behind his back and without his permission.

I feel guilty about that, and if I could I would reverse it but that’s not possible. I was rendered infertile and I have to live with disappointing my husband, and destroying my ability to have more children. I’m 28 and I could easily have had more children.