• 6 days ago

The author of the pregnancy post here:
I’m open about poly relationships and all that stuff when it comes to other people, but we both (my bf even more) are very monogamous. We just couldn’t touch another person sexually while we are in a relationship with each other.
We both had a lot of honest conversations, I even told him that I’m afraid that he doesn’t really give me a choice and he said it’s not an illussion. But when we are meeting with someone who has children he always runs up to them and plays with them and he just looks so happy… Also his mother always wanted grandkids and when she says it he always responds with “you will have to wait awhile to have them”, he never says “I’m not sure if we will ever have kids so maybe you will get grandkids, maybe not”.
So it’s like… he says one thing to me and then I get hints that he wants a different future than me. I’m just so confused… I’m just so afraid that we both will “waste” the time we spent with each other because one day we will have a very big fight about the child thing and it will end up with a breakup.