• 6 days ago

I was in a 4 year relationship, that had many ups and downs, breakups and attempts to work things out…Then I met a person who I was drawn to in every way. I’ve been in lust for 3 years and I think about them constantly, but not always in a sexual way. Fast forward to now, they have had a child with someone else and now I’m single. I want them so badly, I willing to have a lot of people hate me, if that gave us a chance to be together. My want to be with them outweighs my moral compass. We’ve been together twice now, sexually, and I want it all from them, the whole relationship thing. I know I’m considered a homewrecker but if I had them and that was my title for the rest of my being, I would be okay with that. I feel like there is a chance we could be something but maybe I’m just delusional and lustful. How do I deal with this without pressuring them and seeming like a crazy person?