• 6 days ago

I am a sinner Lord God. A liar thief sex lustful man. I am lazy tired depressed Dark hearted evil tongue profane language speaker please forgive me Lord God I confess to you that I cannot stop being a lustful carnal Christian I seek and watch pornography I’m not married hate women because my mother abused me as child and I was molested and never told anyone about it I steal things from my job pens pencils notebooks date books I take off work when I am anxious and fearful I don’t want to go to hell because I gave myself to Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior but I still sin I cannot stop watching pornography I am a liar I lie to protect myself I live a hidden secret sex life that I don’t want anyone to find out about I am a shamed after being molested that one time I have always known and felt that I was damaged goods and I have never ever been in Love it has always been bestial sexual lusts I confess I know my sin nature is still working in me and I have grieved the Holy Spirit and God has turned me back over to Satan and now I know that I will burn in hell for all eternity because I couldn’t stop the sexual filthy sinning even though I will continue to confess my sin and begged Jesus to forgive me I know he died on the cross to give me his Grace please God I am a sinner I still keep sinning and sin is paid for by death because you are good and Holy and cannot allow sin around you and I gave all the good things in my life to Satan i did witchcraft and sorcery to seduce lovers for sex please Lord God forgive them I seduced them and made them do evil I’m to blame I confess Lord Jesus all my sins to you and once again I beg you to forgive me because I don’t want to burn in hell. Thank You Lord Jesus for hearing my confession please forgive me I am weak broken powerless at the mercy of my ever raging sin nature please God kill it kill my sin nature so I can be with you Lord Jesus Amen