• 9 months ago

Woke up alone this morning bc MIL, who my wife is forcing me to stay with and be babysat by until wife is back this evening, had gotten up to make coffee. Babysitting means she is in bathroom when I shower and i am required to sleep clothed in her bed for total supervision. Apparently this was the plan MIL suggested to wife as a temp solution to MIL catching me “masturbating to porn” (the marriage saving lie MIL told my wife after MIL walked in on my brother in law fucking me silly in the marital bed). But the shame was back right away bc as I walked into kitchen for coffee before shower I can hear last night’s video that was a condition of no refusal. The video of me pants down being spanked with a hairbrush while bent over MIL’s kitchen table with the laptop sitting there running with a video call to wife at her hotel. Literally may as well be an internet spanking while facing the camera vid on any porn site. Me having to look into screen and wife’s face as she allows her mother to spank me to the point of tears and pleading for it to stop. Was not syper brutal just endless and must have been a half hour or so. MIL would give me breaks then start up again. Was legit traumatizing to be hearing wife telling me how much she loves me and wants us to be able to be past this but at same time it was wife who had her mother continue to light me up after MIL asked her if she thought I had learned my lesson. Wife comes home tonight and I feel utterly wrecked amd defeated and exhausted. I get how bad/wrong what I was caught doing was and I try to remenber MIL cut me huge slack in lying to cover what I was actually doing but being an adult it is pretty horrible to be being spanked by my wife’s mother at all much less with wife watching and directing. MIL had me sit there and watch the whole thing over coffee as a reminder of what i did. And she is right bc if she had told her daughter what I did my life would be so fucked right now.