• 7 days ago

I’m physically attracted to girls 18-20. That was fine when I was younger but I am now 28 and the older I get, the more it’s looked down upon to be messing with girls that age. I can barely hold a relationship for more than 3-5 years for this reason. I find somebody in that range and they grow out of it. I know physical attraction isn’t all there is to a relationship but I still feel to young to be making compromises.

It doesn’t help that my fiance brought her 18-19 year old sister to live with us for about a year and I grew an emotional connection to her. And hell she looks very similar to my fiance. She has expressed interest in me as well but doesnt want to hurt my fiance. We ended up drinking together one night laying in bed making out. Nobody has found out but I cant stop thinking about her. This has caused massive amounts of depression, tense relationships between us all, and I morn every time the sister ends up talking to somebody else. I know I shouldn’t but those are my feelings. The logical part of me knows whats right and best but I still feel like shit.