• 4 days ago

I love my sister but lately I can’t help but despise her. Whenever she is around me, I feel shitty.

I know she’s graduating trade school soon so she is understandably stressed. But it just feels like she is using this as an excuse to be a complete bitch to me. Everytime I try to hang out with her or get her to do her share of chores in the house, she freaks the fuck out and acts helpless and uncappable. “I’m too tired…” “I was I’m a rush this morning so I couldn’t do the dishes…” “you know, you are making me feel overwhelmed right now and I am stressed enough as is so can we talk about this later…”

Excuse. Excuse. Excuse. For months now.

She was my best friend and something who I could depend on and make me laugh. I can’t stand to be around her now. I feel like her housekeeper rather than her sister. I just wanna pack up and leave but that is not possible.

I just wish we could be friends again and that I didn’t have these negative feelings towards her…