• 4 months ago

I babysit sometimes to help parents when they’re having trouble or need to go to work. I feed them and play with them to keep them entertained and change diapers if need be. But sometimes thoughts slip into my head thoughts that I wish would leave me. Sometimes I look at young girls and begin to think of what it would be like to fuck them. But I don’t want to think of these things. It’s even worse because when I go on my daily walks there is a little girl that will talk to me from her yard and wait there till I come back. I’ll sometimes go over to play with the kids because their parents just aren’t paying them enough attention and just ignore them. And the girl that waits is a 9-10 year old brunette with a couple missing teeth big eyes and rosy cheeks with freckles she gets me hard everytime I’m around her and it makes me feel evil. I’ve never actually done anything but still I wish I didn’t feel this way.I think the reason I feel this way is how my mother used to sexually abuse me as a kid.