• 1 week ago

My ex AP bought a strap on dildo for me to wear and fuck him with. When you squeeze its balls, it “cums.” He wanted me to force him to suck it, and let it “cum” in his mouth.

I’m betting his wife would be really pissed if she knew everything he told me. I think he’s secretly bisexual. I know he fucked around with other women besides me, too. He also said he’d fucked around with her own daughter. It disgusts me how sick he is. He basically relived fucking her daughter when he told me about it. He remembered every single detail, and fucking loved every second of telling me about it. When I found out about his nasty secrets, I was done with him. I felt awful for his wife. Her own husband fucking her own sorry ass daughter. Disgusting!

He’s planning to be in politics when he retires, and if I ever told anyone, it could ruin his reputation. He acts like a pillar of the community, and is incredibly active in the church he attends. He is always doing stuff to make himself look the part.

It disturbs me that his wife is that willfully oblivious to his adulterous lifestyle. He constantly manipulates her, and is a compulsive liar. One of the women he fucked around with got knocked up. Still waiting to see of it’s his kid or not. His wife is a nurse, and she can’t be that fucking stupid. I hope he tells her the truth before someone else tells her first.