• 1 week ago

Noo, what am I doinggg. This guy is interested in me but he’s like.. 21 and i’m freaking 30. A lot of younger guys hit on me because i’m so small and they think were the same age but.. yikes i’m kinda not 21 anymore. He’s like a sweet ex-Mormon guy and says that he doesn’t care about age and kept saying how beautiful I am and he wanted to freaking kiss me right then and there. AH. AH. This guy has never smoked, or even had a drop of alcohol. A literal saint. I’m good but i’m not like.. well i’m not holy. He’s looking for something long term and i’m really tempted to just crush him. AHH NOO I need to stop. He’s just a baby!! ..A horny holy baby with a deep voice that I could prob easily manipulate. Wtf is wrong with me.