• 2 weeks ago

this is something that have been so hard for me to open up about but i feel the need to get this out of my chest.I don’t know nor care about who’s reading this, but if you’re reading thanks that’s all I want.
Anyways, living in a muslim country as homosexual is already hard, but the idea that i had sex is really too much for me. Being in sexual relationship out of marriage is seen to be as bad as child se*ual abuse, and from a young age i had to follow strict definition of what right and wrong. so even though my principals have changed there’s always a voice telling me that i’m a sinner, that i bring shame to myself and my family, that i’m gross and unworthy of affection. Now, i’m stuggling to even look at myself in mirror when i’m naked, i’m sruggeling to let anyone touch me , sruggling love my body and self. For a lot of people sex is just a part of nature and when they have sex they don’t think much of it, i wish that could just be like that instead of being so stressed that i start feeling nauseous.